Beautifying Scrap

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Beautifying Scrap

First thing first, nothing is scrap and especially any space. It’s the way we look at it and what we do with it is what matters.

A few months ago, properties around Nukkad Cafe went under redevelopment, which made it difficult for the space to survive. Seeing that the redevelopment will take a long time, we moved on to another location in Viman Nagar, Pune itself.

The new space is structurally very different but has the same vibes. At the one end of Viman Nagar and in the midst of greenery, there is a quiet & peaceful space, made of corrugated sheets having lots of positive vibes. It may be smaller but has ample space to accommodate people who seek to spend time away from the day’s hustle & bustle and peacefully sip a masala chai or read a book or want to do an acoustic performance. The space is also filled with bright colours, which will definitely trigger your bright & creative side.

When we first saw this space, it was a shed surrounded by scrap but it did have happy vibes. So, instead of taking some regular space, we thought of working on this cute little muddle and beautifying it. We decided to reuse, recycle and add warmth and love to this sweet nothing.

Thus we conceptualised the new space. A few points to emphasise are:

Beautifying Scrap:

With the space, there came a lot of un-used items lying around. There were old doors & windows, used corrugated sheets, pipes & poles etc. We sorted them and used them to add character to the interiors.

We used vibrant colours to these pieces which changed the feel and charm of this neglected space.

Be Bright and Colourful:

The theme for the space is “Be Bright and Colourful“. The thought is simple, everyone is bright and colourful. So everyone is related to some colour and you never know, being in the midst of colours, might spark up your soul.  

The space is painted with 7 colours. The colours are young, bright and will relate to all the moods, ages & gender.


It takes a walk of about 100 meters from the road. Your walk is covered with coconut trees and other plants. And once you reach Nukkad Cafe, the space has 2 mango trees, 1 neem tree and over 90 plants. The area around has lot many trees and the vicinity attracts many types of birds, which of course come and go at their own scheduled & convenient time. With time, greenery with flowers will grow more at this space.

Buildings to Debris and Debris to Building, the cycle is ongoing. What lives on is the vibes and it’s the vibes that keep growing with time. We have created a space where the vibes continue and as you start being at the new space of Nukkad Cafe, we will keep shaping it up and keep on evolving with taste, energy and vibes to what you will keep connecting with yourself.

So if you seek some time, where, for a moment, you forget your day’s stress & struggle and just be with yourself & friends, then do come to new Nukkad Cafe and sip a masala chai. ChaiCheers.


Nukkad Cafe, Behind Nasiman Bungalow, in the lane next to Ari Force Gate, Ganapati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune. Mob: 7798578140

See you at Nukkad.

Nukkad Cafe