Can you make a German laugh?

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Can you make a German laugh?

In 2011, Badoo published the results of an international poll in which Germans were ranked the least funny nationality. The perception of the humourless German has many causes, but the main two reasons are German culture and the difficulty of translating humour between cultures. So, if Germans are difficult to humour, then can you make a German laugh?

It’s a tough question. But Mario Barth did it. He made not just 1 German laugh but in 24 hours, he made over 100,000 Germans laugh. Yes, you heard it correctly, in the live comedy by Mario Barth, over 100,000 Germans were laughing at his jokes.

In 2008, Mario Barth, a German comedian and actor, created his 1st Guinness Book World Record. 67,733 people came to Olympiastadion, Berlin, to watch the comedian (Mario Barth) and laugh aloud. That day he created a world record of Largest Audience for a Comedian. Some may even award him with a noble prize for making so many Germans laughs at his live show.

Anyways, laughter is definitely contagious and the number grew from 67,000 as Mario in 2014 surpassed his 1st record creating another world record. On 7th and 8th June 2014, he was performing 2 live shows at the Olympiastadion, Berlin. In 24 hours, 116,498 audiences came to attend his live show. This is his 2nd Guinness Book of World Record for Largest Audience for a Comedian in 24 hours and this record still stands.

Mario Barth (left) receiving Guinness Book of World Record

Nukkad Café is one of the oldest venues for standup comedy in Pune. Most of the Pune based comedians have performed here. It also facilitates most of the comedy clubs in Pune, to get venues across the city and facilitate most of the open mics in Pune. It has witnessed comedians & the comedy industry very closely and so it understands the chemistry between them. Mario Barth’s world record is truly an inspiration for all the comedians. So Nukkad Café shares this achievement on World Laughter Day with the hope that it will motivate comedians further.

So pick up the mic and punch the audience hard with jokes. German or No-German, laughter from the jokes of every comedian, should go viral.