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Newness in the New Year at Nukkad Cafe 

When asked “What’s New?” we at Nukkad Café replied “10”. Yes, that’s the number of new things that happened at Nukkad Café in just a month. Days in late December 2022 and January 2023, were days full of innovation. It’s like we started 2023 with a bag full of new things. Be it food or community events, many new things started that now will be a part of Nukkad Café. Here’s the list of all the newness at the Nukkad Café.

1. Best Book Café, The Fab Champ Award: A Milestone in Pune City

Best Book Cafe Pune 2023
It is a great achievement for the book café community in Pune and a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the people who run it. The recognition of book cafés as an independent category reflects the growing popularity of book cafe and their unique offerings. A book café not only serves as a place to enjoy a meal or a drink, but also provides a comfortable and inviting space for book lovers to come together, share their love of reading, and engage in discussions.

It's important to note that the award doesn't just benefit only Nukkad Café, but the entire book café community. The award raises awareness about the value of book cafés and encourages more people to visit them and support the local literary scene. It is a testament to the growing significance of book cafés in our society and the important role they play in fostering community and promoting literacy.

Once again, congratulations to Nukkad Café and the entire book café community in Pune on this well-deserved recognition.

2. Dum Chai: The Chai Innovation of 2023

Nukkad Cafe Dum Chai

An exciting new twist on the classic Indian beverage. The unique presentation and blend of tradition and innovation make it an attractive option for those who love chai and want to try something new. The moment you look at the Dum Chai in the glass, you will fall in love. It’s adorable and delicious. The idea of two layers in a chai glass, with the sweetness increasing as you mix it, makes it an experience of enjoying a cup of chai. So, what are you waiting for? Come to the Nukkad Café and meet your new bae.

3. Pumpkin Sauce Pasta – A Healthy Delight at Nukkad Cafe!

Nukkad Cafe Pumpkin sauce Pasta

Pumpkin Sauce Pasta is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional pasta sauce. The use of fresh pumpkin as the main ingredient gives the sauce a natural sweetness that complements the saltiness of the cheese. The addition of spices also adds depth and texture to the dish, making every bite a burst of flavor. So, if you're in the mood for something healthy and tasty, be sure to stop by Nukkad Cafe and give Pumpkin Sauce Pasta a try!

4. Cute Cup Cakes - Indulge in the Fresh and Tasty Cupcakes from Nukkad Cafe!

Nukkad Cafe Cupcakes

Cupcakes never go out of style, and Nukkad Café, cupcakes are “so cute”. They are baked fresh to order and served in their own cup, adds to the charm and appeal of these sweet treats. Your cutie will love if you share this cutie pie with her. It will create special moments in your life. So come to Nukkad Café and must have the cupcakes.

5. Femina India -Nukkad Cafe Featured in Femina India Article!

Nukkad Cafe, Femina India Article
Wait! What! Nukkad Café got featured in Femina India. It's an amazing surprise to find Nukkad Café being featured in a well-known magazine like Femina India. The fact that the article highlights the events and opportunities that Nukkad Cafe provides for individuals to refine their talents and express themselves is a testament to the cafe's commitment to fostering a creative and inclusive environment.

Hosting meetups for poetry, comedy, music, and other creative pursuits is a wonderful way for individuals to connect with others who share similar interests and passions. So come to Nukkad Café and you may find your tribe.

6. "Dastak" – A Homegrown Hindustani & Urdu Poetry Show

Nukkad Cafe, Dastak event January 2023

Dastak is a new poetry show in Pune, which aims to elevate the poetry scene in the city. Hosted by The Yellow Room, a local poetry club, at Nukkad Café, a community-oriented book café, Dastak features selected aspiring poets. The show provides a platform for poets to perform and grow as performers. The first Dastak show was held in January 2023, with Shikha Awadhesh as the chief guest. Poets like Vinit Shanker, Mehdi Imam, Vishal Gawande, Shriyansh Mishra, Simran Khurana, Aves Sayyad, Amit Jha Rahi, Shubham Gaikwad, and Adi Ratnam performed at the event. Future shows will feature different poets, so make sure to attend future events.

7. "Conversation to Consent" – A unique approach to enhance communication in teenagers.

Nukkad Cafe, Conversation to Consent

This program is a unique and innovative approach to developing communication and leadership skills in teenagers. By encouraging them to have conversations and reach a consensus, they are learning important life skills that will serve them well in their personal and professional lives. The facilitators, Swati Mahima and Shankar Mridha, are providing guidance and support to help the teenagers navigate these important conversations and develop their skills. The safe space provided by Nukkad Cafe allows the participants to be open and honest with one another, fostering a sense of community and inclusiveness. 

8. Celebrating 5 Years of Poetry: The Yellow Room Poet's Club at Nukkad Cafe

Nukkad Cafe, 5 year anniversary of the yellow room poet's club
It was a nostalgic and joyous evening, filled with creative energy, laughter, and great music. The Yellow Room has become an integral part of the city's poetry culture, providing a platform for poets, artists, and musicians to showcase their talents. Over the years, the club has been a breeding ground for some of the city's most talented poets, who have made a name for themselves in the local and national poetry scene.

Nukkad Café has always been a supportive host for the Yellow Room, and has been instrumental in the club's growth and success. The Café has created an inclusive and supportive environment where people can come together and share their love for poetry and the arts.

The 5-year celebration was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Yellow Room and Nukkad Café, and it marked a new chapter in the club's journey. Altaf Kalandar, Naresh Gund and Mehdi Imam were the performing poets for the event. Their performance was followed by a mesmerising musical evening by Ujaan band. 

9. Micro Theatre - "Love Hate Love Repeat" play

Nukkad Cafe, Love Hate Love repeat event

The idea behind micro theatre is to bring theatre to the masses, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. The concept is that it is not necessary to have a big stage and expensive equipment to present a good play. By focusing on the script, the actors and their performances, and the basic elements of light and sound, the audience can experience the magic of theatre in a more intimate setting. The performance of "Love Hate Love Repeat" by Orange Reasons at Nukkad Café was a perfect example of this concept in action, showcasing the talent of two brilliant actors, Pooja Kshatriya and Sumedh Sarojini. Micro theatre allows audiences to connect with the characters and the story in a more personal and powerful way, making it an innovative and exciting form of entertainment.

Nukkad Café is always looking for new ways to bring people together and provide them with meaningful experiences. Whether it's through food, poetry, theatre, or healthy conversations, Nukkad Café is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. The innovative events and programs that started in 2023, is just a start and many more to come. Keep an eye out for what Nukkad Café has in store, and make plans to visit soon!

10. Magginess: An Expression of our Generation!

Nukkad Cafe, Magginess

Hey there, fellow foodies! We introduce you’re the expression of our generation “Magginess”. The beloved instant noodles is more than happiness and it connects all of us. So we call this feeling as “Magginess”. To justify this innovative term, we introduced a new way of serving. It is now served in a glass cup, giving it a whole new look and feel. The moment you look at it, you feel “Magginess”. And yes, a wide range of Maggi flavors are available, including plain, vegetable, schezwan, cheese, egg, and chicken. So come to Nukkad Café for a “Magginess” experience.

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